Our Core Training Services

At Dialogue Partners, we train community engagement professionals from around the globe on international best practices. You’ll laugh, learn and connect with other practitioners in the field, while sharing insights from leading professional organizations like the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2). The lessons you take home from our sessions will translate into collaborative and transformative experiences with the communities you serve.

We regularly schedule in-person classes across Canada, and we also offer online courses and personal mentor-coaching services. Our most popular courses can be found below, and we also design more bespoke training sessions to meet the specific needs of your organization.

I really enjoyed the level of interaction and participation.It felt like we were always standing up, meeting new people, having great conversations, all while learning new skills.
— IAP2 Participant

Classroom Training

High-impact, short-term community engagement training seminars in an intimate group setting. Making significant change begins with a little dialogue—and this is where you learn the tools to get those healthy conversations started! Check out our calendar for information on upcoming sessions.


Online Training

Our intensive, interactive online classes and webinars focus on key concepts in community engagement, and come with a variety of resources to support your own independent learning.

What people say about the trainers...

Kim was a lot of fun and brought the appropriate amount of laughter to learning. As silly as it sounds, I don’t think I yawned once in two days.
— Group Facilitation Participant
I would be very interested in future training with Kim in particular as her experience and clear gift with engagement is inspiring and eye-opening.
— Custom Course Participant
One of the most engaging courses I’ve taken - I’d say you know something about engagement.
— Custom Course Participant


We also offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring services via Zoom. We can provide support as you navigate a particularly challenging project, or help you build up your own capacities as an engagement leader. You’ll thrive knowing you always have an expert on-call!


Custom Courses

Partner with us to build your own training: designed for your unique situation, delivered directly to your organization.

What people say about the courses...

I enjoyed the variety of activities sandwiched between teaching portions. The content was great and I’m leaving with a manual I’ll use and reference in the future.
— Group Facilitation Participant
I’m not a community or stakeholder relations professional, but I’ve come to appreciate that these are essential entry level skills for all leaders.
— IAP2 Participant
Loved the practical applications of the theory. The use of case studies was effective, encouraging participants to draw from real-world experiences.
— IAP2 Participant
Very illuminating discussion about how to re-humanize our engagement!
— IAP2 Participant