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Brave Conversations. Radical Change.

As trailblazers in community engagement, we specialize in high stakes, high emotion projects. We engage in conflict instead of shying away from it. We involve the community, bringing people together to facilitate conversations that make an impact.

High Stakes, High Emotion Engagement Consulting

Where there is big emotion, there is even bigger opportunity. When your organization faces important issues with diverse perspectives, we're the people you call. We bring communities together, facilitate high stakes conversations, and help you build alignment. For over 20 years, the Dialogue Partners team has supported government, private sector, and non-profit organizations as they make tough, sustainable decisions through meaningful civic engagement and public participation programs. If we've learned one thing during this time it's this: that nothing is impossible with a little dialogue.  

New blood donation policies: Turning outrage to action

Dialogue Partners turned outrage to action for the Canadian Blood Services. Taken to the Supreme Court for an unfair policy on blood donation by men who have had sex with other men, Canadian Blood Services needed a new path forward. Dialogue Partners planned and facilitated conversations that brought polarized stakeholders together to find a way forward that respects rights and the integrity of the blood supply. After years of controversy, common ground to move forward was found. 

The story (pdf)

Finding common ground: Aboriginal community + big power company

When a provincial power company purchased a northern hydro generating facility, they inherited decades of conflict with the neighbouring aboriginal community. Dialogue Partners served as the bridge and guide to building a new and different relationship. The work involved over 500 one-on-one interviews, storytelling workshops, and community meals. They brought back the community voice to SaskPower, and transformed a long-standing, seemingly intractable conflict. The two groups worked together to co-create the start of a stronger, sustainable relationship for the future. 

The story (pdf)


Education budget challenge: Too much space, not enough students

Declining enrollment, surplus school space, and insufficient funding spurred the Edmonton Public School Board to action. They hired Dialogue Partners to engage both community and stakeholders to explore how to make sense of these dueling tensions. Dialogue Partners facilitated discussions related to community values, available space, community needs and quality education. In the end, they helped map a path so that all students would have access to vibrant schools and a range of quality programs. 

The story (pdf)

"Where there is big emotion, there is even bigger opportunity."

Kim Hyshka
Principal, Dialogue Partners


Training, Coaching & Workshops

Are you looking to enhance your skills in community engagement and facilitation? We offer industry-recognized training at all levels.  Join our community of practitioners by enrolling in a class today.

Courses, Workshops & Keynote Speaking

Dialogue Partners is an internationally-recognized thought leader in the field of public participation. For practitioners at all levels of experience, we offer hands-on training and one-on-one mentoring from our experienced practitioners.

We offer customizable training courses, workshops, and webinars. We also have keynote speakers available for your next event. Consult our list of training courses and our training calendar to see the world class training programs we provide.

Once you have experienced one of our sessions, you will walk out empowered to creating meaningful and productive public engagement programs on your own.

Coaching & Strategic Advice

Dialogue Partners provides civic engagement coaching and mentoring to practitioners and organizations to help build community engagement capacity and ensure best practice implementation.

We conduct expert reviews of your existing public engagement and knowledge building initiatives. We have evaluated countless guidance documents, process design, consultation plans, and toolkits.

Our community engagement experts can also help you craft new toolkits, manuals, guides, information sessions, speeches, journal articles, and web content related to public engagement and facilitation.


Quirky Authenticity

One of our core values at Dialogue Partners is our quirky authenticity. It's so core to our identity, in fact, that we felt we had to showcase it on our homepage. It takes a certain personality to do what we do. We put our all into our projects. Creating alignment out of expansive divides is not easy. When you hire us, you get our undivided attention and creative energy. We are seriously good at solving the unsolvable, bringing people together in ways you never thought possible. But we are real human beings. We exercise yes, and we also eat chocolate and drink wine and say curse words every now and then. We challenge ourselves to continually grow and evolve, and we like to have fun. Yes, we sometimes wear capes and strange boots. We sometimes laugh at nothing. We're quirky and we're real, and when you hire us, you get it all.

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We Get Around

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