Kim Hyshka, Principal

Dialogue Partners owner Kim has been a leader in the field of civic engagement and public participation for over a decade, amassing a list of clients that spans the corporate elite and the highest levels of government. Alongside her team of Associates, each an expert in fields from land use planning to corporate-Aboriginal relations, Kim has made Dialogue Partners an indispensable asset to leaders across North America.

Experienced in both large and small-scale projects, she has has facilitated conversations on topics such as land use, energy, healthcare, government strategy, large-scale budgets, and private sector mergers. She is passionate about building communities’ capacity to participate in meaningful dialogue and finding opportunities for organizations and stakeholders to work together in mutually beneficial decision-making processes. She draws on her education in political science, collaborative conflict resolution and continuous learning as a licensed IAP2 Foundations trainer.

In everything she does, Kim embodies gratitude and excitement. Her aptitude for organization, combined with background in performing arts, enables her to intuitively incorporate structure, process, and flow into the messiness of human differences. From here, she ignites and fosters the beginning of new and beautiful futures.

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There are no cheap tickets to mastery. In the end, it seems that power has less to do with pushing leverage points than it does with strategically, profoundly, madly letting go.
— Donella Meadows

Our Associates

The Dialogue Partners team can scale to fit your needs. Our freelance Associates align with our values and offer as-needed support.

Tannis Topolnisky

Based in Edmonton, Alberta Tannis has 15 years experience working as a public engagement practitioner and 6 years experience as a licensed IAP2 Foundations trainer. Bringing people together to make a difference both in the individual, the organization, their relationships and beyond into programs, policies and decision making is what she has dedicated her career to. Tannis has worked in a diversity of areas such as heritage conservation, policy, program and legislation development, health, contaminated sites management, affordable housing, surplus school sites, environmental justice, municipal budgeting and public education.


John Glynn-Morris

John is a public engagement specialist with a background in land-use planning, recreation, and community development.  He has designed and implemented engagement strategies for Yukon municipalities, First Nation governments, Yukon government, the federal government, and non-profits. John is naturally curious and brings a diversity of experiences and perspectives.  John has lived in Canada, New Zealand, Tunisia, and Nepal.  Before finding his niche in community engagement, John worked as a canoe guide, fish-gutter, tree-planting crew boss, and ski patroller.  He is passionate about people and their stories. 

Anne Harding

Anne has worked with over 50 Indigenous communities and organizations since 2005, has a Master’s degree in Corporate-Aboriginal Relations and is an IAP2 Certified Public Participation Professional (CP3). With over a decade of experience working in all parts of the energy sector – upstream, midstream, downstream, and renewables – she knows that organizations are better off when they build meaningful relationships with communities. Anne is passionate about reconciliation and her role as a bridge-builder between Indigenous and all Canadians. By listening to and understanding stories – yours, mine, and ours – she believes we can make our communities and countries better for us all.

Chelsey Jersak

Chelsey Jersak, MA, RPP, PMP, is a seasoned land use planner. Founder and principal of Situate, Chelsey's work focuses on plain language policy and regulatory solutions to achieve tangible, community-oriented results. Chelsey is a member of the board of the Infill Development in Edmonton Association (IDEA) and the Alberta district council of the Urban Land Institute, and a founding member and past coordinator of the Child Friendly Housing Coalition of Alberta.

Lydia Talpash, PCC

Lydia works with organizations to create an achievable path for improvement. She specializes in strategy, planning, organizational governance and change management. She helps identify key areas for improvement, develop realistic implementation plans, then guide and coach through the journey. Lydia complements Dialogue Partner’s offering by helping to develop and implement actions resulting from brave conversations.

Paula Kupchak-Hall

Paula is the owner and principal consultant of Magenta Communications Inc. Her expertise in communications, facilitation and public engagement spans more than 19 years. Spending most of her career in the energy sector, Paula has developed a deep understanding of and passion for public participation. She has expanded her experience into other sectors, including municipal planning, transportation and health care.