Engaging community amidst intense conflict over a policy to reject blood donation from men who have sex with men. While advocating for community needs, we led a values-based conversation which resulted in policy change and paved the way for positive change. 

Involving community in a values-based dialogue to explore how to make the best possible use of resources so all students have access to vibrant schools and a range of quality programs.

Co-creating an engagement process with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, including best practice reviews and toolkit creation.

Building community relationships to support long-term strategies for radioactive waste clean up at Atomic Energy of Canada sites across the country. 


Transforming conflict into a better relationship between an Aboriginal community and a provincial crown corporation.

Conducting situational and conflict assessments, and working to shift organizational culture to rely on community engagement.

Facilitating the City's Heritage Conservation Workshop to celebrate and enhance the cultural and heritage resources of Burlington.

Designing and implementing a public involvement plan for Edmonton City Centre Airport Lands to explore the possibilities and challenges of land use.


Conducting a comprehensive engagement process on City budget, services and priorities: a conversational journey for City Council to understand what Calgarians wanted, needed and valued.

Engaging the public on emotional topics can be messy work. It’s a very human process with constantly changing variables. In this project we learned many lessons about leadership, risk and how to equip organizations to engage when times get tough.

Developing a new community-driven health care model based on conversations about health care service delivery with clients accessing services both on and off reserve.


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