Our Core Consulting Services

The public engagement experts at Dialogue Partners have become thought leaders in community engagement, facilitation, and conflict transformation. Our team has supported countless government leaders, policy makers, c-suite executives, and advocacy groups to create spaces where genuine communication can flourish. No matter the client, our mission is to build a sustainable bridge between client and community.

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I am really impressed with the material, and I have heard from many participants that they enjoyed the sessions… one person said it was the best training they have ever received! I have also received [emails] from VPs saying the tone and message was excellent.
— Horizon Health Network

Facilitate Conversations

We resolve conflict and find new ways of working together. Over the past ten years we have facilitated countless World Cafes, Talking Circles, and Deliberative Processes. These engagement activities bring communities together to share concerns, understand varying perspectives, and align on key decisions. The results have saved our clients untold amounts of man-hours and money by creating alignment and removing obstacles to progress.

Tools for Organizations

Consistent best practices for engagement mark the difference between projects that move forward and projects that stagnate. Dialogue Partners can help your organization build custom engagement policies, toolkits, frameworks, and procedures. Our experts create solutions robust enough to stand the test of time, and flexible enough to respond to changing needs of the future.

Build Processes for Engagement

We work hand-in-hand with you to architect end-to-end public engagement processes that work for your organization and its stakeholders. Our values-based approach unpacks what is most important and supports finding common ground-- whether budgets, land use, environment, healthcare, energy, education or anything else. We set the stage for real, honest conversations.

We were indeed very happy with the outcomes… It was such a pleasure working with [Dialogue Partners]. Your willingness to take on this totally last minute project and run with it is really so impressive. There’s also no way we could have done all the data analysis on such a short timeframe. Thank you again so much for getting this done.
— City of Edmonton
[My] managing director... was very happy with the input we managed to obtain from the stakeholders. I do not think he could have been happier. Kim was excellent and having her there allowed me and my team to focus our attention on the stakeholder input [rather] than on the process... We received very strong feedback from the stakeholders on the quality of the session. I thank you for the work of your firm.
— Parks Canada
I have been receiving nothing but positive comments from the workshop... The feedback has not only been about the content – and the fact the participants felt their opinions really mattered – but that [Dialogue Partners] led the workshop so well. [Even] people who attend workshops and meetings all the time said... ‘It was one of the best I’ve ever attended’... As the project lead [I] am pleased with everything!
— Town of Stony Plain