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Kim Hyshka will change the way you think about conversation.



Let’s chart a new course for better conversations.

The kind of conversations that can be raw, emotional, even awkward, but where both sides can be honest and work out their differences. Through her work with governments and organizations of all sizes, she’s come to believe that anything is possible with a little dialogue!

Thanks to her fun yet pragmatic personality, Kim has become an in-demand keynote speaker at conferences and universities throughout North America. Her talks take on subjects like:

  • The roadblocks to meaningful conversation

  • Changing the course on conflict, opposition and controversy

  • Failure and why it’s your new best friend.

  • Understanding community engagement as a process, rather than an end result

In an era defined by polarization, Kim’s unique insights map out ways we can move forward together.


“I know how to turn down performance anxiety, and turn up creativity. If you want to move the immovable and solve the unsolvable, I can help.”



Suggested topics

Making Engagement Meaningful

Projects do not exist in a vacuum. As leaders, how do we reckon with the human impacts of our work in an ethical, meaningful way?

This powerful session considers how to engage with a variety of shareholders, and offers insights on how to incorporate their input and feedback into your work. With humility and humour, expert Kim Hyshka leads you through the design and implementation process; tackles the tension between our roles as engagers and technical experts; and answers questions about relationships and power dynamics, fear of loss of control, and dealing with uncertainty.

By the end of the talk, you will have learned techniques to:

  • Assess the level of internal understanding and commitment of your team to the engagement process

  • Define your expected value proposition from communicating with stakeholders

  • Build strategic relationships and demonstrate empathy

  • Move your initiatives forward in a clear and constructive fashion

Moving forward relies on four key factors: Leadership, Change Management, Risk Awareness and Trust. You will be introduced to CLaRiTe, a diagnostic tool that helps you to assess areas of strength and concern that may impact the process. With these lessons in hand, you’ll be able to get more from your outreach strategy than ever before.

It is obvious Kim has a passion for her work. it was a pleasure to be apart of the workshop because of this. I felt even more engaged because of her high level of enthusiasm and professionalism.

Stakeholder Engagement & “Failing Forward”

When we invite stakeholders into our decision-making processes to share what is really important to them about the issues and situations that impact their lives, livelihoods, profits, reputation, we give up a measure of control. As a result, our projects can experience delays, hurdles, strife and even unwanted media attention. How do we learn from these setbacks?

It’s often said that in our greatest mistakes lie our deepest learnings. We don’t want to hide from them, and we don’t want you to either. This talk is about coming together in failure and turning the classic self-congratulatory conference presentation on its head. Leaving our egos and shame at the door, Kim takes a fun and open approach to talking about some of the “best” stakeholder engagement failures she’s encountered in her years of experience.

This session promises laughter, relief and an open-hearted embrace of our foibles and frailties. You will also walk away with a solid foundation for what to do and what you should never ever ever do when engaging stakeholders!

All you need to bring is your honesty, integrity and compassion, as well as a few good stories about what happened when it all went terribly, perfectly wrong!

I was incredibly impressed with Kim’s presentation skills. I believe she modeled being real and vulnerable in a way that I will never forget.


About Kim Hyshka

Kim has over a decade of experience as a leader in community engagement, specializing in high-stakes, high-impact interventions. She’s been a transformational figure for clientele ranging from governments to global conglomerates, Indigenous peoples and NGOs. Her work creating meaningful dialogue between stakeholders has paved the way for new public policy agendas and multi-billion dollar projects, all while ensuring the needs of the community are met.

Kim was a lot of fun and brought the appropriate amount of laughter to learning. As silly as it sounds, I don’t think I yawned once in two days.
Kim was extremely adaptive to the needs of the group. She was intuitive, articulate and motivating. One of her many strengths was how clearly she spoke with intention.

Speaking History


 April 2019, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB:

  • Anything is possible with a little dialogue

May 2019, Project Management Institute of Alberta, Edmonton, AB:

  • Stakeholder Engagement & Failing Forward

September, 2019, IAP2 2019 north American conference, Charlotte, North Carolina:

  • Facing Failure, finding insight, growing together

October, 2019, Alberta Agriculture Marketing Boards & Commission AGM, Canmore, AB:

  • Anything is possible with a little dialogue

April 2018, Community Planning Association of Alberta, Red Deer, AB:

  • The Clock is Ticking: Is your P2 Policy Ready to Go?

May 2018, Project Management Institute of Alberta, Edmonton, AB:

  • Building Collaborative, Constructive Relationships with stakeholder & suppliers

May 2018, Project Management Institute of Alberta, Edmonton, AB:

  • A Conversation about Gender & Project Management: Moving from Challenges to Solutions

February, 2018 & 2019, IAP2 USA Skills Symposium, Austin Texas:

  • When Things Go Sideways: how to embrace emotion and create positive results

January 2017, IAP2 Prairies AGM, Winnipeg MB:

  • Polarization, Outrage & Entitle: The New Space of Public Engagement

May 2017, Manitoba Professional Planning Association, Winnipeg MB:

  • Holding Space for Conversations that Matter

February 2016 & 2016, IAP2 USA Skills Symposium, San Diego California:

  • Better Conversations: Meaningful Tools & Powerful Outcomes

October 2016, Alberta Health Services, Regional Advisory Council Fall Forum:

  • Community Engagement in Healthcare

November 2013, National Supplychain Forum, Calgary, AB:

  • Building Collaborative, Constructive Relationships with stakeholder & suppliers

May 2013, IAP2 North American Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah:

  • The Rise of Uncivil Discourse