IAP2 Training - What's in it for me?

IAP2 Training - What's in it for me?


Heard about IAP2? Considering taking the 5-day training?

Before you invest, test! Make sure you are signing up for a high quality, impactful training experience that gives you what you need to hit the ground running.

Join us for a 30 minute webinar where you can learn more about what to expect when you take IAP2 training, and a chance to meet us, the trainers.  We will highlight the key take-aways, identify selling points to get approval for taking the course and a sneak peek at the experience we will deliver in class.  

Not all training is created equal, join us for a test drive to make sure this is the right fit and content for you!

Register and join us (all times Mountain time):

Jun 20 @ 10:00am

Jul 24 @ 2:00pm

Aug 19 @ 10:00am

Sept 12 @ 2:00pm

Oct 21 @ 11:00am

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Why take IAP2 training?

Are you new to the practice and feel like you’re just wingin’ it and following your gut? (ya we’ve all been there!)  Have you been at it for some time and wonder if there’s possibly anything new to learn beyond the same ol same ol? Has your organization got a new PE policy and so now what?  Or are you interested in becoming a Certified Public Participation Practitioner? Wherever you are in this exciting practice of P2, this training has absolutely something for you.

This is a big ask – being away from the office for 5 days is a lot (we know, we can feel the email piling up already ☺ So why this, why now…

Good decisions don’t just happen. They take planning and effort. In the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Foundations in Public Participation course, you will learn to apply AP2’s approach to public participation in your very next process. This course helps you gain the confidence you need to hit the ground running.

(And to reduce the email backlog we’re splitting the training up to give you time to breathe, reflect and integrate your learnings along the way)